Rip Copy Protected DVDs to Computer

The original DVD copying software - DVD X Copy - had a range of news and press insults regarding accusations of them breaking copy protection laws under the DMCA Act.

Whether this is true or not, the need to be able to make copies for personal reasons (or otherwise - being intellectual property “creators” ourselves, BetaDot doesn’t support copyright infringment in that sense) is very real. Approximately fifty-percent of all DVDs purchased have become unusable within one year from the purchase date - nearly a quarter of which have gotten to this point from natural wear - there’s nothing you can do to prevent natural wear, however, backing up your videos ensures you will always be able to watch them, and you will never be forced to go repurchase DVDs.

One of BetaDot’s assistant authors is an avid user of the software Clone DVD, he had a few things to say: “Clone DVD is great! I’ve never had any problems copying DVDs, backups, copies, anything - they’re all game. You know why I bought Clone DVD? I had lost three DVDs! I tried to rip the DVDs to my computer (thinking, ‘hey, I’m a fairly techical user, I can figure it out’) but could not figure out how to get the files on to my computer - turns out copy protection stops that from being easily capable… damn movie industry.”

Our readers have tried a range of DVD copying products, finding that many of them either didn’t work at all, or were difficult to use, slow, or inefficient. A few names are consistantly dropped as being incredible products, which do exactly as they’re supposed to.

Some of the products BetaDot readers (and employees!) suggest are:

Clone DVD - our recommended product. Provides all the features of the other products, and more. 6/5

DVD Cloner - a lower priced product, however, lacking in some of the features of some of the more expensive products. 3/5.

DVD Ripper Platinum - probably our least favourite of the high quality products, however, still a great product! Worth a look. 3/5.

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