Stealth Voice Peering Fabric adds iBasis, TNS to its members

Stealth Communications’ Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) has just added two new members, iBasis and Transaction Network Services. Stealth’s VPF is currently the world’s largest peering network and allows its members free exchange of VoIP services without the use of traditional telephone networks. 


“VPF provides us with a new channel to deliver our enhanced VoIP services,” stated Bill Thornton, director of business development, Telecommunications Services Division for TNS. “In addition to TNS services such as CNAM and LNP, we now have an augmented suite of VoIP products as a result of our InfiniRoute acquisition. We are eager to market our entire range of services to the growing VoIP marketplace.” 

By joining VPF, iBasis will be able to take advantage of VPF ENUM Registry, which provides meeting places for different consumer VoIP service providers and enterprise networks planning to exchange VoIP traffic by means more secure than the open internet. In return, iBasis will be able to offer high quality call termination to more than 100 countries to all VPF members through a single interconnection. 

“The consumer VoIP market is growing rapidly, and emerging providers all over the world need access to high quality termination to fixed-line PSTN and mobile phones,” said Ofer Gneezy, president and CEO of iBasis. “Joining Stealth’s VPF puts us in a good position to provide that service seamlessly and to begin to leverage a fast-growing ENUM capability that only becomes more valuable as the consumer VoIP market expands.”   

“As one of the pioneers of VoIP, iBasis is a tremendous addition to the VPF,” said Shrihari Pandit, President and CEO of Stealth Communications. “iBasis’ use of the VPF ENUM Registry will decrease their operational costs and enable VoIP calls to remain within the IP domain, additionally their global footprint and unsurpassed expertise in using IP for high quality international voice termination will be of great benefit to VPF members.”

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Stealth Communications’ Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) has just added two new members, iBasis and TNS.

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