Piracy Ring Busted in WV Capitol Building

Investigators in West Virginia state wandered in to a basement office of the West Virginia Capitol which was immediately identified as being a set up to pirate movies and music recordings.

“Specifically, one hard drive contained approximately 40 full-length [videos], two other hard drives contained over 3,500 MP3 music files consuming more than 14gb of hard drive space.” said W.V. Chief Technology Officer Kyle Schafer in a letter to the Administration Secretary, Robert Ferguson.

Mr. Schafer also reported that hundreds, if not thousands, of blank DVDs and CDs were found in the Capitol building, as well as many applications frequently used for the decryption of DVDs and de-protection of music CDs.

The Administration Secretary responded to Mr. Schafer saying that that there were in fact public funds spend on this audio-video piracy network. The response said that over $88,000 USD was siphoned out of the General Services budget to pay for these computers, and related equipment over 3 years.

“The P-card system was abused, in what seems to be an intentional attempt to bypass rules to buy equipment that for General Services was outside the norm, there was no question on what they could do with a P-card, in my opinion. As a Cabinet secretary, I would say that it was out of control.” said Administration Secretary, Robert Ferguson, “We will hold accountable those people who have abused the letter and the spirit of the law and undermined my responsibility to safeguard the resources of the state.”

The Record Industry Association of America are making considerations in to suing the State of West Virginia on the grounds that a computer user should know what their children or other users are doing with the computer, and thus, are responsible for any piracy commited using the computer.


West Virginia Capitol Building has been found to be the home of one of a major piracy ring: over 40 full-length videos.

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