Acme Packet and Verso announce network partnership

Verso Technologies has officially announced its partnership with Acme Packet.

Verso plans to move forward into a new fast growing market of session border controls (SBC), a type of network equipment that controls VoIP.

The partnership will help Verso to compete in the VoIP market, allowing it to provide multimedia service through its already existing network structure. Verso promises to provide more efficient IP network communications to its customers with this new partnership. The agreement includes the development of networking solutions for service providers.

“Acme Packet is the SBC market leader and the partnership is key to expanding our technology portfolio as well as providing us with enhanced network border functionalities that will accelerate our IMS strategy,” said Yves Desmet, senior vice president of Worldwide Sales, Verso Technologies. “We now can address all critical security, service reach, SLA assurance and regulatory requirements in both wireline and wireless networks.”

“Acme Packet will play a key role in enabling trusted, first class IP communications as a partner with Verso Technologies as part of its VoIP and IMS solution offerings,” added Acme Packet business development vice president Mario Oliveira. “Service providers today are looking for complete end-to-end solutions from a single source, and our Net-Net SBC complements Verso’s strengths for scalable voice over broadband (VoBB) and IMS based solutions.”


Verso Technologies has officially annouced its partnership with Acme Packet.

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