Juniper Projects Decline in VoIP Hardware

An uncanny change in the future of VoIP hardware is projected by a report from Juniper. In stark opposition of what most expect to be an unrestricted growing market, Juniper estimates a fall: “sales will stabilize and fall in revenue terms after 2007 as the Chinese market begins to mature” and cheaper hardware becomes available.

Initially the US market will be at an impressive $5.5 billion in VoIP hardware by 2007. However by the end of the decade, revenues will fall to about $3 billion. Juniper also noted that the $5.5 billion peak will be “driven by rapid new business growth in China, adoption of VoIP across existing western businesses and the echo of the year 2000 equipment purchase boom.”

The IP-PBX market is expected to climb to more than $1.6 billion next year, predicting China as a major customer, while IP phone handsets will continue to grow through 2010 when 16 million units a year are expected for use with hosted solution.

Eventually, Juniper foresees the VoIP market settling down and falling to a $500 million after 2010. “VoIP has the potential to transform business communications, in terms of call costs, cost of operations and integration with business processes.” Says Barry Butler, the report’s author, “however, as with other IP based platforms, VoIP is a disruptive technology which will reshape the business communications vendor community.”

A free white paper and further details of the new study ‘Global VoIP - Hardware, Software & Applications: Business & Enterprise Markets, 2006-2010 ’ is available on the company’s website


An uncanny change in the future of VoIP hardware is projected by a report from Juniper.

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