Patch Tuesday, April 2006

Five updates were released this Patch Tuesday. Three listed as critical, one important, one moderate.

MS06-013, fixed a critical remote code execution bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
MS06-014, fixed a Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) remote code execution bug.
MS06-015, made a critical change to Windows Explorer to prevent future remote code execution bugs.
MS06-016, made a change to Outlook Express to prevent remote code execution in certain, very rare, situations.
MS06-017, added XSS (cross site scripting) protection to Microsoft Frontpage extensions.

A non-security update for Internet Explorer has also been released, which will require users to click on the page to enable all Active-X controls in order to circumvent a recent patent lawsuit as well as add to Active-X security.


Five new patches, mostly Remote Code Execution flaws.

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