Microsoft Corp. Considering Potential iPod Competitor

The immense success of the iPod has triggered a number of companies to attempt to steal the market from Apple, however, few have achieved any commendable market share, it seems Apple has the market cornered.

Microsoft is reportedly debating launching a competitor to the Apple iPod, however, the company refuses to discuss any such device, claiming along the lines if it being “pure speculation, and no decisions have been made.” Considerations for such a device have potentially been in place since before December, when Microsoft rearranged their digital media division and began to pust their MSN Music service as a strong competitor against Apple’s iTunes Media Store.

Steve Ballmer commented on this reorganization, saying it was required to “enhance decision-making and speed of execution” for integration and implementation of their new products and services.

Other web publications speculate that such a product would likely tie in to the Xbox 360, and demonstrate strong integration between the devices in an attempt to get Microsoft in the home media market they have been trying to enter for years with little to no success.

Mike Goodman, an analyst from the Yankee Group says that the Xbox 360 is potentially the best console on the market for integration with a portable digital media player, as it is “built from the ground up to be home entertainment ready. The features are already there. It’s easy to adapt the 360,” says Goodman to


Speculation of Microsoft launching an iPod competitor hits the Internet in a storm.

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