Google Supports Firefox Despite Microsft's IE7

In the Firefox vs Internet Explorer War, Google takes a swing at Microsoft, siding with Firefox.
Offers from the Internet search giant enables websites to run small ads promoting Firefox and gain a referral fee of one dollar for every downloaded version of Firefox that has a Google toolbar.

Although the open source browser has been steadily gnawing away at the dominant Internet Explorer since 2004, this will futher rocket Firefox into the average home computer. Google launched the new programme Wednesday evening by running an ad for the first time on its usually ad-free home page. The campaign also represents the first time Google has offered a financial incentive for the adoption of Firefox.

From a market share high of 95 per cent, Internet Explorer has been brought down to 85 per cent, as users discover the seemingly unlimited pros of Firefox, from better security features, to tabbed browsing.

Google has already employed some of the key team members contributing to Firefox and its latest initiative underlines its desire to keep Firefox’s momentum building.

“Google is getting serious about Firefox, and has given the upstart browser one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet - a spot on the Google homepage,” commented the Ars Technica website.

This recent move from Google might have occured as a result of Microsoft’s launching of a new trial version of its Internet Explorer browser, which in addition to beefing up its notoriously vulnerable security, has also copied all of Firefox’s best features.

However, despite the upgrades, many Firefox users are diehard fans, refusing to switch back to Microsoft, especially for technology savvy users like programmer Mitchell Adams.

“I will never go back to IE,” Adams said “Firefox offers so many options, and when the next version of Firefox comes out, it will leave the new IE for dead”.

Other players like, a self styled group devoted to ridding cyberspace of Internet Explorer, believe that Firefox is about to “take back the web”.

However, Microsoft’s history is replete with examples of the company using its financial and distribution muscle to overpower smaller competitors. It used such tactics with devastating effect in the first round of the browser wars in the 1990’s, when it challenged the once dominant Netscape browser and eventually drove it out of business.


In the Firefox vs Internet Explorer War, Google takes a swing at Microsoft, siding with Firefox.

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