Nokia Files Patent for Security Phone

Nokia hopes to capture the market which formed of people who buy cell phones entirely for emergency situations.

The patent Nokia has filed for covers a phone which will allow users to request emergency response within seconds.

The system is activated by touching two buttons on either side of the handset, which then dials the local emergency response team and begins recording sound and pictures, transmitting them to a previously established location. Integrated GPS technologies allows the emergency team to find the precise location of the handset when the report is sent out, and track the location during response.

The alarm is entirely silent by design to protect the victim from any further harm and to not alert the attacker.

“The patent application does not mean that we are necessarily planning to install this emergency feature in any of our phones in the future. ” says Nokia spokesman Damian Stathonikos, “We are constantly developing new technologies in our research labs and applying for patents to protect our intellectual property rights.”

The patent was filed at the end of 2005, however, Nokia has yet to release any specific reports on how or when they will be using such technology in their phones.


Nokia is reportedly hoping to get a U.S. patent for a cell phone which will aid in emergency response times.

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