BT Sets Up World's First City-WiFi VoIP Network

BT has listed the first 6 of their 12-first-tier United Kingdom cities which will have a wide-area WiFi network designed to cover the entire city.

The first six, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Westminister will be only the first of the planned “UK-wde” rollout. Mr. Andrews from BT said they are already negotiating with the administration in other cities, the networks are designed to to ensure that customers will ALWAYS be connected to their services.

“Intel [...] is sharing its expertise of developing these services in cities like Philadelphia in the US and was one of the lead organisations involved in the Wireless Westminster project. BT’s strategy is to work with Intel, other leading partners in wireless solutions and local authorities to roll out a wide area of wireless broadband in metropolitan areas. This will be based around wireless broadband in the home, BT OpenZone Wi-Fi hotspots, Wireless Cities, and high speed mobile access.”

BT has designed handsets for wireless VoIP communication at landline rates, for wireless broadband calls, as well as a rich media system for video calling, and access to other internet applications.

“In Westminster, where the project is now moving on to its second phase, the pilot results showed that after wireless technology enabled the council to expand the public safety network, residents on housing estates now feel safer walking in their area after dark.”

The Westminster City Council said the project would return it’s investment by over 5.3 million pounds over three years, due to the increased productivity of so-called “road warriors.” As well, it will save money for the closed-circut video camera system.


BT has listed the first 6 of their 1st tier United Kingdom cities to get a WiFi network designed to cover the entire city.

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