Volkswagen Demos Google Maps-Powered Navigation

The U.S. section of Volkswagen announced that they are working on a vehicle to take advantage of Google’s vast Google Maps satellite-mapping, combined with GPS functionality to aid in navigation.

Google’s ‘Google Earth’ technology, purchased from Keyhole Inc., in October 2004 caught the world with a rush, demonstrating it’s ability to show detail down to street level in a 3 dimensional model of the world. Various countries disapproved of Google showing this information, claiming it is a potential international security risk.

Volkswagen and Google are working together with Nvidia to develop the navigation assistant inside a three dimensional display so users can recognize their location in relation to the land around them.

The car was demonstrated in January at the CES in Las Vegas.

A VW spokesperson said that there were no established plans to make use of this technology inside consumer cars, however, analysts suggest it will be adopted as an optional feature in VW’s higher end cars.

Google Earth has attracted controversy since then from governments ranging from South Korea to India for offering a potential national security risk as it enables anyone to zoom in on aerial images of landmarks such as airports.


Is Volkswagen getting ready to release their new Google-powered car?

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