Bush: Outsourcing and the American Economy

George Bush addressed the U.S. public regarding the issue of the world economic market, and the effects of outsourcing and globalization of the world, via communication mediums such as the Internet.

“We’re seeing the rise of new competitors, like China and India, who are making great strides in technology. In response, some people want to wall off our economy from the world. That is called protectionism. The American people should not fear our economic future because we intend to shape our economic future.” said George W. Bush before touching on the issue of education and advancement of intelligence in the American population. “The increased funding I have proposed will support America’s creative minds as they explore promising areas, such as nanotechnology, supercomputing, and alternative energy sources.”

Discussions with 3M and Intel are on their way before Bush returns to his Waco ranch.

Bush is proposing a nearly 6 billion dollar budget to help improve the U.S. global standing in the world economy, and developing sustainable economy long term.

The new proposal creates a $4.5 billion budget purely for improval of the research and development tax credit system. “A temporary extension does not allow our innovators to plan and invest with certainty, other countries offer permanent tax incentives for research and development.” claims Bush.

“If we ensure that America’s children succeed in life, they will ensure that America succeeds in the world,” Bush said.

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Bush’s new budgetting tour hits the wide scales with some major changes in the direction of the global economy.

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