Verizon Rolls Out Features to Business VoIP Users

Verizon made an announcement late Wednesday regarding the extension of its suite of broadband telephony services to improve the capabilities of IP-level communication for business and government clients.

Verizon claims to be adding toll-free numbers, “advanced fraud protection” as well as a suite of new VoIP systems.

“The addition of a complete suite of new Polycom SoundPoint IP and SoundStation IP phones for Hosted IP Centrex customers enables Verizon Business to continue to deliver one of the widest range of choices for IP telephony available to customers today, featuring both network and premises-based solutions. The Polycom phones are competitively priced for lease or for purchase and afford additional cost benefits for IP networks. Verizon Business plans to continue to introduce new CPE customer choices during 2006.” says Verizon’s press release.

“We’re making IP work harder and smarter for our customers, and we’re lowering the barrier to entry for new adopters” says VP of Verizon Business, “by adding even more choice and flexibility to our IP Telephony portfolio, Verizon Business is helping businesses more effectively achieve the promise of IP, including both new capabilities and cost-savings made possible by IP networking.”

Verizon TV

Residents of Bradenton, Florida, could be happy to see Verizon’s other press release. The Bradenton City Council voted Thursday to allow Verizon to distribute their FiOS telelvision system across a pure-fiber network

“This agreement represents another tremendous development for consumers in Bradenton and adds to the momentum we are beginning to experience with our franchise efforts in Florida,” said Alan Ciamporcero, part of Verizon’s western division.

“Already, residents in the county are joining customers in Temple Terrace who are enjoying the leading edge of a new era for video and broadband services in Florida. Bradenton’s City Council understands how the market has changed and that consumers want competition and choice for video and broadband services sooner rather than later. Verizon commends Bradenton’s progressive attitude. We look forward to further building out our fiber network and bringing its benefits to the city’s residents as quickly as possible.”


Verizon announces upgrades to their business-oriented VoIP program. Also, Verizon TV in Bradenton.

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