Virgin Mobile Launches Television-broadcast Systems

Virgin Mobile has shown itself capable of innovation in the constantly growing European mobile phone market.

Virgin hooked up with BT and Microsoft to develop the new streaming wireless television service to its customers. The new system provides both audio and video content to wireless phones using brand new digital broadcasting technologies.

DAB, or the “digital audio broadcasting standard” will power the audio-aspect of the broadcast, and will use BT’s “Movio” system. Virgin will be launching a new phone, cited as being called the “Trilogy”, which will have optimized structures for handling the television broadcast. Customers will be able to access 350 broadcasted stations.

The new phone features 2.2-inch screen as well as a removable memory card and an integrated camera. Running on top of the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, Windows Media technology will power the video and audio content of the broadcast television system.

Most analysts agree that the mobile TV market is a required jump for the mobile industry, and that the DAB system is a perfectly usable alternative to systems and locations unable to access the new 3G wireless networks.

“We are at a point where the industry is looking at new ways to leverage the technology in their new handsets, certainly, smartphones won’t replace TV sets, but the popularity of mobile games and ringtones indicates that people are using the devices for more than making calls.”

“Virgin Mobile customers will be the first people in Europe to watch real broadcast TV over their mobile phones. It’s not downloaded; it’s not looped; it’s real TV just like you get at home, and it’s real DAB digital radio - crystal clear sound. We’re delighted to be working with BT Movio, Microsoft, HTC and others, to bring this service to British consumers, and to help develop one of the most technologically advanced phones ever. We are in no doubt that this is the world’s best tellyphone!” says Graeme Hutchinson, a sales and marketing director at Virgin Mobile UK.


Virgin Mobile announces they are the first to bring the new trend in mobile connectivity to the United Kingdom.

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