Netgear and Skype Team on Mobile VoIP

Netgear announced they have been working with Skype to launch a wireless voice over IP phone at the Consumer Electronics Show.

With CES ‘06 approaching very quickly, emerging technology - especially VoIP - is a buzzing topic in the news. Netgear and Skype are hitting hard with their partnership to create a VoWiFi phone, which will allow access to the Skype service over a wireless connection.

“The acquisition by eBay slowed things up a bit, but they saw this is a good partnership,” Ron Provencio, NetGear’s product manager says to

Netgear’s new phone will allow anyone in a wireless hot spot, be that at a home, office, airport, cafe, or anywhere else to access the same service through the Skype protocol. Users of the new phone will enter a Skype username and password, which will initiate the connection to the network, from there, users can select any of their contacts from their Skype contact list.

“By collaborating with Netgear, Skype’s reach is extended to a new, important consumer platform, this new phone allows Skype to offer its global users improved mobility.” says VP of BizDev at Skype, James Bilefield


Netgear and Skype team up to provide the Skype service on a wireless handset, accessible anywhere there’s WiFi. Is VoWiFi (voice over WiFi) the next generation of VoIP calling?

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