BC-based Ascalade Comm. Partners with Skype

The British Columbia based company, Ascalade Communications has formed a partnership with VoIP-industry powerhouse, Skype.

Ascalade Communications will be developing VoIP hardware which interacts with the Skype protocol, all the Ascalade products will be transparently-integrated with Skype’s widespread broadband telephony service. Hardware developed will include everything from GSM/VoIP roaming mobile phones, to USB-based IP phones.

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Skype,” said Edmund Ho, president and CEO of Ascalade Communications. “Our involvement with Skype signifies our commitment to the development of products in new and growing market segments. With the exponential growth in the number of Skype users, Ascalade is looking to meet a growing demand for innovative Skype products, such as our Companion Series of VoIP phones and next-generation Skype products that are currently under development.”

Ascalade has already begun shipping a Skype-integrated wireless VoIP phone. The phone, currently shipping in North America and Europe, allows users to make calls, access their contacts list and voicemail, and integrates other Skype features directly on the handset.

Ascalade isn’t the only company to be collaborating with Skype to develop VoIP hardware, Netgear is working on similar products, to be annouced at the CES.

“Skype is more than just a company or software phenomenon - there’s an entire ecosystem of important companies building products around it, collaborating on development with leading designers like Ascalade will continue to be critical to the success of our business as the Internet communication market grows and matures.” said James Bilefield, Skype’s Business Director.


Ascalade Communications from BC, Canada has formed a relationship withe Skype, the major online VoIP messaging network to design VoIP-hardware to integrate with the Skype network.

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