Apple Gets Free iPod Advertisements at Olympics

Apple Computers doesn’t have to sponsor the Winter Olympics to get one of the most powerful advertising campaigns the iPod has ever seen: the quality and popularity of their product has done it for them.

The Baltimore Sun on Friday pointed out that a huge percentage of the Olympic athletes are like “live billboards for the digital media player,” which they have been filmed using during both practice and competition.

The entire American snowboarding team is outfitted with jackets wired for iPods complete with iPod-sized pouches, speakers in the hood and a mini-controller on the sleeve.

Shaun White, 19, one of the most well known U.S. snowboarders “also uses an iPod-equipped helmet, which–according to newspaper accounts–frequently pipes in Led Zeppelin, or, during his recent gold metal routine, AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black,’”

“One of the lasting images of these games is going to be these snowboarders with their iPods,” said Abraham Madkour, executive editor of SportsBusiness Journal. “It’s the perfect form of subconscious marketing.”

“It’s a detachment kind of thing,” said Rodney Fox, to the Sun. “I listen to metal when I’m trying to get something new down. But if I’m mellow and it’s a good powder day, it’s reggae or some old Motown.”


The Olympics provides a good source of subconscious iPod advertising to Apple Computers.

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