Google Pushes User-Generated Content; Offers Web Hosting

Demand for the brand new “Google Page Creator” service quickly swamped the Google servers early Thursday, causing them to shut down the service early after release.

In Google’s effort to start holding more and more user-generated content, Page Creator assists users in creating personal web pages with a WYSIWIG interface, and supplying them with 100 megabytes of free publically-accessible web space.

“We decided in advance to limit the number of page sign-ups in order to provide users with an optimal publishing experience, due to extraordinary demand, we recently reached the limit so we have temporarily paused additional sign-ups.” said a Google spokesperson. “New sign-ups will be available very soon.”

Yahoo! has run Geocities since the buyout in May of 1999.

All the major web portals are pushing technology and services which allow users to create and share content via the Internet. The success of the blogging revolution, as well as sites such as MySpace and YouTube show that this is a market which is in heavy demand, and will likely be the direction of the future Internet.

Yahoo! in particular has been pushing this user-generated content market, buying out sites such as Flickr and, or so called “Web 2.0″ websites. In response to Yahoo!’s purchases, Google launched Google Base an online database service which users were encouraged to fill with any content they want.

Google requires users to have a Gmail account to use Page Creator.

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