iVox provides wireless VoIP to PBA

Wireless broadband carrier Personal Broadband Australia (PBA) and iVox, VoIP provider, have signed a deal and will offer local Internet providers bundled wireless broadband and IP telephony solutions.

Jonathan Withers, PBA’s managing director, called the relationship “a natural partnership”.

“Through this strategic partnership, iVox will develop an alternative last-mile access solution. This wireless option would be utilized where there is no copper connection to the customers’ premises,” iVox said in an e-mailed statement today.

Australia’s alternative broadband providers Primus, iiNet and Internode have reportedly already have significant requests of the service.

“Australian consumers have begun to understand the benefits of VoIP telephony, and increasingly seek to include VoIP with their broadband service,” he said.

Optus and Telstra, however, the nation’s leading ISPs, have yet to even take on the project. Independent services provided by Engin, Laurel Stream Communications and Telecorp are also available.


PBA (Personal Broadband Australia) and iVox, VoIP provider, have just signed a deal.

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