BitTorrent Lawsuits

The MPAA files several lawsuits against ed2k, usenet and BitTorrent based search engines.

BMW iPod

Popular car manufacturer, BMW, announces plans to release a new interface with the Apple iPod set of MP3 players.

3Com IBM

IBM and 3Com revealed on Thursday that they are working together to integrate IBM’s “all in one” System i midmarket servers with 3Com’s VCX IP telephony.

Australian Telephony

Australia’s federal department governing the nation’s communications policy has decided to implement VoIP in its operations.

iTunes Billion

iTunes Media Store sold the 1,000,000,000th song, Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound”.

Rather HDnet

Seventy two year old Dan Rather, one of CBS’ most well known figures, could be leaving CBS after 44 years, saying he would be seriously considering an offer from the deep pocketed Mark Cuban - co-founder of HDnet.

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OSS Suite

Cramer today announced the launch of the Cramer6 OSS Suite, unveiling a radical new vision of OSS for the telecom industry.

Office 12

Microsoft released press information regarding the next version of Microsoft Office: Office 12, or Office 2007