100m SuperComputer

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on Thursday announced that it is forming an alliance with the state of New York and IBM to construct the Computational Center for Nanotechnology, a $100 million supercomputer…

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Motorola Merge

In an effort to simplify the process of developing software for its products, Motorola has decided to merge its three application development networks into a single organization.

Nokia R/GA

In an effort to further capitalize on the launch of the N93 multimedia cell phone, Nokia’s interactive agency, R/GA, has created a virtual studio application to let users distribute video content with the phone’s built in camcorder.=

T-Mobile Bans

T-Mobile prohibits the use of VoIP services on its mobile phone networks.

Verizon Drops

For all the positive conjecture about Internet telephony, the Web-based service may well incite something close to an identity crisis for Verizon Communications and chief executive, Ivan Seidenberg.

Yahoo Skype

On Wednesday, Yahoo introduced a public beta of its instant messaging suite with voice capabilities. Buyers can now obtain a telephone number in any city they should choose for only US$2.99 a month.

Microsoft Bug

Security researchers have recently detected a new computer virus that exploits an unpatched weakness in Microsoft’s very popular Word application.

Daum Lycos

South Korea’s Daum Communications Corp., announced the launch of Internet-based telephony services through Lycos Inc.