Intel Goals

Intel’s first quarter revenue estimated to be nearly a billion dollars less than previously expected.

Microsoft iPod?

Speculation of Microsoft launching an iPod competitor hits the Internet in a storm.

Home Server

…and you thought that 5 year old computer was worthless.

Virgin Mobile TV

Virgin Mobile announces they are the first to bring the new trend in mobile connectivity to the United Kingdom.

China DVD

In an attempt to ward off video piracy in China, Warner Home Video has begun testing sales of the DVD of the Leonardo di Caprio film “The Aviator” for just 12 yuan. Which translates to only about $1.50.

Boot Camp

Microsoft and Apple may be working together on something a little behind the scenes.

Google Cars

Is Volkswagen getting ready to release their new Google-powered car?

Naruto Xbox

The massive North American anime market will get a game based on the popular Naruto series for the Xbox 360.