PS3 Network

Sony creates online network service for its PS3 console.

Nokia R/GA

In an effort to further capitalize on the launch of the N93 multimedia cell phone, Nokia’s interactive agency, R/GA, has created a virtual studio application to let users distribute video content with the phone’s built in camcorder.=

City VoIP

Utah’s Missoula city government recently decided to completely trash its current phone program; replacing it with a VoIP system.

Narus China

Narus Inc., of Mountain View, California, announced a big deal on Wednesday. The Chinese telecom giant Shangai Telecom Co. Ltd. is interested in Narus Inc.’s new…

Broadcom Vonage

A recent competition to find the next design for the future of VoIP phones and adapters was taken away by Broadcom and Vonage.

Google’s Legalities

A major poronography site files a lawsuit against Google for their image search’s thumbnailing techniques.

Microsoft iPod?

Speculation of Microsoft launching an iPod competitor hits the Internet in a storm.

VoIP Phones

Small businesses now have the advantages of VoIP and save money on telecom.