BitTorrent Lawsuits

The MPAA files several lawsuits against ed2k, usenet and BitTorrent based search engines.

Cell Phone Privacy

Record of your cell phone calls could be being sold worldwide, by private companies who can access such data.

Google’s Legalities

A major poronography site files a lawsuit against Google for their image search’s thumbnailing techniques.

GoDaddy v. ICANN publically attacks ICANN’s developing deal to allow VeriSign to increase .com registration fees.

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DVD Copying

Copyright is the “hot topic” of the year in this tech. market. A French ruling leaves consumer groups in dismay.

Linux: No GPLv3

Richard Stallman’s draft of the GPL 3 has been shot down by Linux developer Linus Torvalds

Bush on Outsourcing

Bush’s new budgetting tour hits the wide scales with some major changes in the direction of the global economy.

LA sues GTA

The city of L.A. has filed a lawsuit against RockStar Games for their secret sex scene in their game, GTA.

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