Apple x86 Security

Analysts say the switch from PowerPC to Intel processors could show a range of new security holes in Mac OS software.

Nokia Crime Fighter

Nokia is reportedly hoping to get a U.S. patent for a cell phone which will aid in emergency response times.

Google Privacy

Google, the victim of a government subpoena promises it’s users they will fight for privacy.

Blackberry Legality

Research In Motion and NTP have formed a definitive settlement agreement and will end litigation.

EFF: Google Desktop

The EFF and Kaspersky Labs have released public statements on the security implications with Google Desktop 3.

Jail Time for Pirates

A 29 year old man convicted of selling Microsoft’s Windows 2000 source code recieves 2 year prison sentence.

Internet Bill

A bill allowing telecom providers to provide pay-television services more easily has been approved by a key congressional panel.

iPod Volume

A U.S. lawfirm filed a lawsuit in a district court against Apple regarding the high-volume capabilities of the iPod.