BMW iPod

Popular car manufacturer, BMW, announces plans to release a new interface with the Apple iPod set of MP3 players.

3Com IBM

IBM and 3Com revealed on Thursday that they are working together to integrate IBM’s “all in one” System i midmarket servers with 3Com’s VCX IP telephony.

Office 12

Microsoft released press information regarding the next version of Microsoft Office: Office 12, or Office 2007

P2P Firefox

British promises peer-to-peer media sharing plugin for the Firefox browser.

Linux: No GPLv3

Richard Stallman’s draft of the GPL 3 has been shot down by Linux developer Linus Torvalds

Gates’ Tax PC

Bill Gates gets his own IRS-tax computer.

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Skype Marketshare

Skype and Vonage are feeling the effects of broadband ISPs offering their own VoIP services.

EFF: Google Desktop

The EFF and Kaspersky Labs have released public statements on the security implications with Google Desktop 3.