Nokia UMA

Cell phones with built-in support for 802.11b/g and the capability to make calls over VoIP.

3Com IBM

IBM and 3Com revealed on Thursday that they are working together to integrate IBM’s “all in one” System i midmarket servers with 3Com’s VCX IP telephony.

Messenger VoIP

Yahoo has released a beta, available to the public, of its acreditted instant messaging suite: Yahoo Messenger with Voice.

Skype China

Skype, a voice over IP (VoIP) provider backed by eBay, has acknowledged that its Chinese partner company, Tom Online, censored text messages, defending the actions as a necessary part of doing business in the county.

Australian Telephony

Australia’s federal department governing the nation’s communications policy has decided to implement VoIP in its operations.

Motorola Q

The Motorola Q, a sleak new Windows-based smartphone from America’s best handset maker, has been generating rumors in the shadows, only to be delayed to “the first half of 2006.”


Intense interest from venture capitalists has resulted in speculations of the end of the VoIP gold rush.

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Market Growing

The VoIP market can only get bigger, experts say.