Photography Credits

Most of the stories on this site have an associated image, usually shown directly to the right of the story, as well as used around the site for various reference purposes and generally brightening up the site. While we have designers and photographers on staff, frequently it is found to be more effective both in terms of cost, and result to use other peoples’ pictures. Many websites around the Internet allow people to use their images either with credit, or without. The credits for such photos are available on this page.

João Eduardo Lopes - Keyboard
Daniel James Armishaw - Hard Drive Image
Mark Altamero - Power Button

All unmentioned photos are copyright their respective photographers, no reproduction can be granted by BetaDot or it’s affiliates. Proper license to use such images on is secured in as many ways as possible - if possible. A big thank you to all photographers.

Disputes regarding photo credit should be sent to the AUTHOR OF THE ARTICLE IN VIOLATION OF YOUR TERMS. Please check the “summary” box on the middle panel of all articles for information regarding the authors name, and email address.

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